whats the w-i-d-e-s-t 700c rim for a 29er?

i want a realy wide rim for my up and coming Super 29er,but all i can find is the Sun Rhyno lite at 27mm.

anyone see a wider 700c touring rim out there?

hmmm…looks like ive stumped the band.

to bad there isnt a nice wide rim in 700c for unicycling.

all the 29er bykes i see have 32H in the back and a radial laced 28H in the front :astonished: i told my shop it was like selling pretzels…

yeah, that’s about as wide as I’v ever seen. but the rhynolite is a good rim.

yeah,i’ll probobly go with the Rhyno lite

to bad its not available in black from any shop around,it says on there site that it is but it just isnt true.only polished.


I looked around very briefly for a wide rim other than the RhynoLite and was unable to find one. That was a few months ago. I ended up using the much narrower Velocity dyad 700c which has successfully accommodated both the Big Apple tire and the NanoRaptor. It has a deep, V profile and makes an extremely strong wheel. The guy that laced it rides downhill and recommended the rim. The RhynoLite, if I remember correctly, is lighter than the Dyad even though it is wider. My first choice, if available, would have been something anodized blue but, alas, there was nothing.

thanx Harper,

the Velocity web site says that the dyad is more than 200grams lighter than the Rhyno.the Rhyno is a hefty 705g

no doubt that V section rims are super tuff but i gotta go with the widest possible in case i land a smidge on the sideways.

Jagur -

I just took delivery of a new 700c RhynoLite. I haven’t measured the inside width yet but I can see that it’s slightly wider than my Alex Adventurer. I wasn’t able to get the RhynoLite in anything but a polished finish- like you said.

The rim looks good but I don’t like the shiny finish. I would have prefered black. I’ll post the inside width of the Alex vs. the RhynoLite after I measure them.

Steve Howard

700c rim widths

Alex Adventurer: 18mm inside x 24mm outside

Sun RhynoLite : 21mm inside x 27mm outside

Steve Howard

I hope you haven’t ordered any of the skinny rims mentioned yet. A quick search over at http://mtbr.com brought up some 700 cc x 45 rims! Now those are ‘Big Ass’ rims!

check out http://www.cookbros.com/components-2003.html and scroll down to ‘Big Ass Rims’

You’re welcome

Thanks for posting Sofa. I was going to pipe up about those, but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen them at. Them are some wide rims.


Wow! What a find!
I wonder what a big 29er or Big Apple would look like on that rim.


i ordered a Rhyno today,i’ll have to get that canceled!

to bad it doesnt say if it is single or double wall.it doesnt have any nipple eyelits either.

isnt 45mm wide about what a Doublewide is?


The doublewide is about 33mm inside width, 46mm outside width.
The Avro Zum Eliminator is 44mm wide outside width and a wider inside width than the Doublewide.

That big ass rim is crazy wide for a 29er tire or Big Apple tire. I can see a 3" tire on a rim that wide, but I’m not sure what a 29er would look like on it.


after riding to and from the tavern tonite,i have decided to stay with the Rhyno.

45mm and a single wall is infurior to a 27mm wide double wall.

thanx go out to Sofa for finding such a mamouth rim.

$15 is a damn good deal for paint.

Perhaps something like on this page:


since the snow cats are similar to doublewides in width. Though the tires on that page are not 29ers, the effect should be similar.

what do you bet that Snow cat is making those 29er rims for Cook Bros. ?

It could be. The snow cat makers are in Alaska, though I don’t know if they do the actual extrusion there.

My guess is that if you try to do that rim-width/tire combo on a 29er off-road, you will destroy the rim (single or double wall) because you will always be hitting the rim on rocks. It’s great for snow (or for the road, I suppose, at least for style) and ice and mud (?) and perhaps sand. But even my BFR with a 2.5" tire is getting chewed up from trail rocks.

The attached photo shows various rims for width comparison. From the left: 18mm inside Alex Adventurer (700c), 21mm inside Sun RhynoLite (700c), 32mm inside Alex DX32 (24") and 40mm inside Snowcat (26").

I have a pair of 26" Snowcats from my days of Ice Biking. Those super wide 700c rims are no doubt Snowcats.

Steve Howard


Here’s a picture of a 26 x 2.35" Ritchey Z Max tire mounted on a Snowcat. That’s a pink tire with permanently filthy sidewalls from the rim brakes. Lovely eh? I suppose a Big Apple would look about like this on a 700c Snowcat.

The Snowcats really spread the tire out. Tire profile seems to be critical on unicycles so I wonder if a super wide rim would make a unicycle hard to ride. I feel a serious urge to find out!

Steve Howard