What's the ultimate 3" tire for 24" Torker DX

I did a search on this and didn’t find anything.

I know UDC says it won’t fit, but other 3"ers will. But what hits. The Gazzaloddi tread looks flatter than the others, so is where it hits the frame on the edges?

I was thinking a shaved Gazzaloddi 3"

:smiley: Hey is it cold yet. I run the stock tyre with 20psi and it works for me so i dont know when i get money and the original goes bare then i will post with usful info :smiley:

Hey Tim, hows the Forest Survice treating you?

By tires thatUDC has it appears the only tire that will fit is the Duro

I found this. Will it fit? But OUCH $99 :astonished:

That’s LAUGHABLE! Just go with the Duro 24X3. Great tire, especially for the price! ($30):smiley:

What about the Intense

Is this it? http://cgi.ebay.com/Intense-DH-tire-24-x-3-0-New-NR-DH-DS_W0QQitemZ330054692639QQcmdZViewItem

seriously, just gowith the duro. great tire, I have no complaints about, and it’s a lot cheaper than the gazz or any of the others you’ve found.

Great for the dx or other uni that can’t take the gazz; otherwise the latter RULES! I run a gazz on my KH and it is by far the best performing tire there is IMO. Also seems to wear exceptionally well. :smiley:

Yeah and $10 cheaper.
IRC makes a 24X3", don’t they? I can’t find it.

the 07 dx is supposedly able to fit a gazz.

get the KUJO tire. its te one with red sidewalls.

According to UDC it won’t.

I have the IRC Kujo

run it low on psi, and it absorbs impacts great! MY only bad comment is that the tread wears quicker then I expected… softer rubber, but offroad, through mud, over rocks I love it. Far better traction then the duro IMO.

I also have tendency to pinch flat ( :angry: if anything goes for me I pinch flat going off of drops, still playing with ideal pressure) so the pinch flat resistant foam was (while gimmiky) a nice addition.

I second the IRC KUJO DH I ride it on my Muni and itys sweet. The sidewalls are nice and thick and the tread pattern is very grippy…Go woth the IRC

I ride the Intense on my LM Muni. It’s a great tire.

Here’s a better pic.

Hey pdc, what an awesome frame! :stuck_out_tongue:
Where did you get the 3" Intense?

I got it at aebike. They supplied and built my Surly LM wheel. A KH '05 Crank/Hub set, LM rim, spokes, wheelbuilding, velux rim tape, tube, and Intense 3 x 24" tire all for just under $400 including shipping. The wheelbuilding was a very good job. The tire is $41.

The Gaz is a higher volume tire than the Duro but it also has a boxier profile and doesn’t turn as well. The Duro has an lot of treded surface area, absorbs drops like a champ, turns on a dime and is cheap (if that matters). Once you get used to the Duro, moany find it impossible to go back to the clunkier Gaz. But all of those tires (including the Intense) are first rate.