What's the strangest thing someone has done...

I’v often pondered the thought of whether or not it would be possible to have sex on a unicycle and this is what I came up with.

  1. the only way you could do it while riding would be if both of you rode uni’s, that way the balance is there. So guys if you know any girl unicyclist go head and tell us what happens.
  2. You could definatley have sex on the uni, from more than one position too. But I’m pretty much not going to do that for the fact that It would be kind of uncomfortable.

Its possible, and has been done before.

We call it lvl 11.

Why doesn’t stuff like that happen to me :frowning:

Anyway I was riding my 5’ around and these two girls, probably around 10, were like ARE YOU GONNA DIE???..I was like someday but not too soon I hope.

Lvl 11 you say? Who on these forums has reached lvl 11? :thinking: Was it you!?

3 Girls wanted us to sign there backs and money backs and some other stuff. After we signed them, they asked Thorsten and me for a date. Not that crazy but the craziest thing which came in my mind.

Well I had a topless drunk guy jump in front of me shouting you’re gona fall you’re gona fall, for about 10 seconds while i hopped.

I’ve been knocked to the floor.

And I had a guy point and shout ‘‘F***king WOW!’’ in a really high pitched voice :astonished:

Then there was a guy who stuck a stick in my spokes as I was idling a giraffe.
At first I freaked a bit -but then quickly realized as long as I was idling it wouldn’t trip me up. it just sat there on the bottom of the wheel between the spokes rocking back and forth like myself, till my buddy pulled it out.

Then we made it part of the act.:slight_smile:

Very Cool.

A kid asked to try to ride my uni, then he ran off to steal it. Luckily he was kidding (as I hoped). It was funny.

Today I was riding my 36er down the cycle path. Approaching was a trio - mum, dad and 3 (ish) year old boy. The mum and dad gave me a really wide birth, leaving the little boy and me to the middle of the path. I was cycling happily past when the little boy leaned towards me and stuck his arm out. Luckily he didn’t reach.

Maby not the strangest thing but last week I had a guy spit out his coffiee and then stare at me with this amazed look on his face as I rode away.

I was cycling across a local village green. It’s rather picturesque, and it looked as if an artists club was having a field day - there were lots of people painting with easles. One lady looked up, saw me and started laughing. Not just a little titter, but a loud, long laugh that carried on until I was out of hearing distance. Very odd, these artistic types. She was clearly not an engineer.

I tend not to give out too much information on the subject.

Umm, I have had a hobo come up to me, talk and hang out, offer me a drink, and I taught him how to ride. We hung out for a good 2 hours. Nice guy.

I know I have had some really weird stuff happen, but I cant think of any specifics.

This isn’t too weird, but I have had the “Your soo hot, I want your baby!” type stuff, and I have also been flashed I think 8 times while on my uni. Pretty sweet.

Some charva squaw grabbed my seatpost which dismounted me.

I refrained from braining her with the business end of my boots but I’ve rarely felt so immasculated.

Last night while riding on a rough trail that runs along side a paved walkway I encountered a young couple who had been watching me approach them for a few hundred yards. Unfortunatly I UPD’d just as I was going by them. The guy says to me “Your kidding me I thought you were riding a whole bike”
to which I replied. “No just 1/2 a bike”

My friend once farted while riding his unicycle with me and friends. We all laughed cause it was so loud. :smiley:

When I rode RAGBRAI this year, every single day there was one 60-ish year old guy that would always pass me about midway through the day. Each time, he would say “Look, it’s WIGGLES!” and continue riding. It just wouldn’t have been a RAGBRAI day without him.

This made me laugh so hard I actually snorted.

I lol’d on that one

some one yelled something about drugs to me while trying to glide

It isn’t that crazy, but I remember when I was out riding once some guy in a car passing behind me screamed to his buddy, " :astonished: DUDE!! IT’S A UNICYCLE!!!" and then just drove off.

My unicycling buddy and I now shout that whenever we see the other out practicing. :stuck_out_tongue: