What's the strangest thing someone has done...

What’s the strangest thing that someone has done when they see you unicycling?

For me, I would have to say this one 7-8 year old kid that stared at me, then ran away screaming.

Jumped out in front of me, raised both arms defiantly and screamed, "FU###NG Freak! (My dad usually doesn’t react that way!:p)

I had a girl yell at me once that she wanted to rape me…

I stopped and said go for it, but she blushed and continued talking to her friends.

I had some winos throw beer bottles at me.

They weren’t even full bottles.


I have two really strange ones. I don’t know which is weirder, you tell me.

“Are you a prosititute?”


(I’m resting on a bench)
Passenger in car: “Hey, (I turn and look), are you in the circus?”
Me: “Nah”
Passenger in car : “Can you take you shirt off?”
Me: “What?!”
Passenger in car: “Can you just rip it off?”
(Car drives off)

well this isnt really that weird but its kinda funny but for me whenever my little brother sees me riding it he always pushes me over and one day he had a frend over and he was trying to look cool in front of him and he ran over and pushed me and i jumped up and just slapped him really hard across the face and he started crying and his frend started lafing at him. Now usually i wuld never do this kinda thing but ive told him over 100 times to stop doing it before, but it worked and he hasnt done it to me since

Haha, you should have got it on video.

haha i wish that wulda been awsume

here’s a good one
a bunch of college dudes in a hotel are yellin at me from the third story tellin me 2 do tricks and crap. then one them yells “come on up here!” and wonderin why( i didn’t think i could get up all those stairs) then one of them says" i’ll give ya a hudred bucks if you make it up here on that!" then of course i try it, GET UP THERE then, then this happened
them whoa! that was kick ass! who said he was gonna give this guy a hundred bucks?(i was out of breath, sweatin hard)
the 100 bucks guy:uh…dude you know i don’t have the hudred bucks!(i’m thinkin WTF?! U HAD ME DO THIS JUST 2 SAY U DON’T HAVE THE CASH?!)
after they talked a little they came up with this
them “all right guys, lets give him a round of applause!” i stumble my way down the hall having just enough energy left to do a 360 and go down the stairs, when i got to the bottom one yells"hey!i got 50 bucks 4 ya just get it here off the floor here!"(of course i couldn’t cause it was in their room and i was exhausted)

moral: don’t trust college dudes!

So you actually expected them to pay you a hundred bucks?

…I was on my coker one night in the park & this car suddenly stopped about 50 yds away…then 2 bald headed & bulky gang members were sprinting towards me & yelling "hey, you! "…I was caught unprepared & was thinking of defending myself with the coker… when I got off they were already at arms length & I was thinking of either punching or kicking the nearest guy…To my astonishment, the 1st guy asked–"where’d you buy that…??? !..then his friend says…"How’d you ride that …??? !!!..

I was just relieved there was no fight…lol… :astonished:

u kinda set urself up for that one…

my weirdest one was that i was talking to a guy about unicycling and he kept saying “that’s the fucking craziest thing i’ve ever seen in my life” and he said it about 6 times…ive only been riding for 4 months though

I was riding at a mall once. Some random girl yelled at me “Can you have sex on that thing?” my replay was “I am willing to find out!” she just giggled and went back int he mall with her friends… weird…

if she was hot you shulda been like “come over here and lets find out” if not u shulda been all “yeh but not with you”

She was meh.

A little kid once said to me: “I hope you fall and break your leg.”

Then he walked away. He was completely serrious.

While racing along at the incredible speed of 7mph on my Nimbus36 I heard a woman yell at me “wear a helmet!

She was with two small children and a man, and something about the scene has me convinced that she was trying to educate her kids on the wisdom of wearing a helmet. I don’t know why she chose to yell at me rather than talk about it with her kids. :thinking:

A buxom woman flashed my brother once, in an attempt to get him to lose his balance (it didn’t work). Why does this sorta stuff always happen to my brother.

One funny thing I always like to tell my wife isn’t what famous person I saw but instead, what famous person saw me (saw me uni’ing, that is). I grew up in Manhattan, so occ’ly I’ll cross paths with a celeb. Then I’ll tell the wife, “You’ll never guess who saw me unicycling today!”

One time a couple of mates and I were riding along the footpath having just crossed the road and some hooligans driving past yelled and threw a beer bottle near us.

Hey that reminds me. Once I was riding through town and a school girl walking the other way said “You’re gonna fall and break your neck.” so I did the polite thing and replied “thanks.”

And another time a group of us (probably ten or so) were riding in town and we had stopped at a crossing and a weird guy (dressed somewhat like Neo from the Matrix) crossing the other way said “I don’t need wheels anyway!” In a booming voice followed by an evil laugh. Riiiiiiight…

:astonished: Are you serious?!