What's the normal length of time for pain to last?

Hi all, this is my first post here.
After about a year of not touching it, it just got my unicycle tire fixed, and I’m determined start getting back into it. I’m not very good at it, but I’m okay at going forward and hopping in place and stuff, and I try to go 2-3 miles a day just for exercise.
I got a Kris Holm saddle last week to replace the 30-year old horribly bent Schwinn saddle, and it is 100 times more comfortable to sit on it. But, it seems to curve a lot more, and as a result, it really seems to crush my testicles a lot more–I never had that problem with the old saddle. After a 2 or 3 mile ride, they hurt, and keep hurting for 2 or 3 days. I’ve read lots of the threads here about that stuff, and I’m glad to see that everyone says there’s virtually no risk of permanent damage, but people also seem to imply in those threads that the pain should go away when you stop unicycling.
So, I’m wondering, should I just ignore the fact that they hurt and not worry about it? Or is something wrong here?
It’s not like I’m sitting on them while riding–I get them in a nice position before mounting, and while riding I’ll pause, hold onto a fence with one hand and reposition them if they get out of place.
Will they eventually get used to it if I keep cycling several times a week, or should I try to find a way not to hurt them so much in the first place.

I don’t particulary want kids, but I would like to be able to participate in the related activity…

yeah man, i’ve got the same nut problem, basically a kh seat is a crappy seat if you are wanting to just use it for riding long distances. it is damn good for Muni and i use it on my trials unicycle, so if you are thinking about doing lots of hopping and not much riding a kh seat is good, otherwise you will probably have to buy ANOTHER seat, like a viscount, or something that isnt so steep in the ball region.

Darn–looks like I might actually have to get a job to pay for another seat!:wink:

Is there any way to take soem of the foam out to make a dip in the seat?

Get a pair of bike shorts. They should make a big difference, though I don’t know what you are wearing now.

It’s important for the “junk” to be out of the way when riding. Sometimes I get worked into a position where something’s getting squeezed, and I have to adjust to keep enjoying the ride.

Hope that helps.

You may also want to try a rail-type seat post adapter. This allows the seat to tip back, so you’re sitting ‘on’ it, rather than being cradled ‘in’ it.

How to preserve the family jewels

My solution is bike shorts, KH seat, a push back pull forward mount I read about, and the regular manual readjustments when no one is looking.

I wear padded bike shorts with nothing underneath, once you’ve gotten everything adjusted that tends to keep things in the right place.

If you push the seat back a bit too far when you’re mounting and then pull the seat forward when you’re almost sitting on the seat, that can often get your testicles out from under you.

As for KH seat and manual readjustments, I suspect those require no description.

In general, don’t sit on them, they should basically sit on the seat in front of you.

I must admit, I wonder if unicycling has these sorts of challenges for females also.

After his first and last unicycling attempt, one of my brothers said, “Unicycling is for women and the extremely brave.”

I will give bike shorts a try.

The odd thing is, I’m not sitting on them at all when I ride, and I don’t really squash them when I get on. I adjust them a lot while riding–any time they get uncomfortable, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to have them that makes it comfortable.

I’ll get some shorts tomorrow. I’ve heard that helps with chaffing, as well–which hasn’t really been a problem at all except for the first day with the KH.

3 words man: Lift and tuck. before you sit on the seat, lift the sac. make sure its out of the way. I have landed on my nuts many times trying jump mounts and such. make sure they arent beneath you, but rather in front of you. haha

For your own peace of mind, Dude, if your family jewels are causing you pain, go tell a doctor about it. It’s most likely nothing, but think of this–all the unicyclists in the world can tell you that “it’s nothing” and it wont mean the same thing if a doctor says “don’t worry about it.” You’ll feel a lot better if it comes from a MD.

Lance Armstrong had major nut problems, but he took care of it and look where he is today. When it comes to testicles + pain, don’t goof around if it persists for more than a couple of days–like I said, it is probebly nothing (serious testicle problems involve things like lumps where there shouldn’t be) but pain maybe means something less serious, but definetly annoying.

Check it out, you’ll unicycle better with the peace of mind after the doctor says “don’t worry about it”.

And don’t worry about unicycling VS baby-making activities–uni saddles and bollocks always find a way to get along fine, and on top of that, chicks dig male unicyclists.

(and I might add that guys dig female unicyclists also)

Re: What’s the normal length of time for pain to last?

As noted, the best place for your testicles to be is resting comfortably
on the seat in front of you. I have found that a lightweight swimming/
jogging athletic supporter creates a free floating pouch where
everything moves as one. I try to avoid those impromptu sessions with
boxer shorts.