What's the news on CMW '09?

Is there going to be a 2009 California MUni Weekend? Last year we had news on it in January. This year I’ve heard almost nothing about it, and I’m starting to worry that nobody is going to do it.


I’m going to bump this once a day until someone explains what’s going on. Just warning everyone that this is going to be on the first page for a while.

I heard from Foss yesterday; he said “oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be organizing that.” He’s working on choosing a date. Stuff is happening.

Okay. Is it still going to be in October, and what city?

I don’t think the date’s been set, but it’s highly likely to be in either September or October.

It’s set for Northern CA/Tahoe, with Downieville as the featured ride.

It’s finally coming together. Please don’t post in this thread, post in the new one here.