What's the most wild and crazy thing you've done on a unicycle?

Let’s make it a competition!

Just post your short video here. You can be doing anything as long as it’s being done on ONE! Remember, there can only be ONE MOST wild and crazy thing you’ve done.The winner will receive a free copy of “Inner Balance”, A state of the art extreme unicycling DVD shot by Brian Mackenzie of balanceproductions.ca.You can view the trailer from the following link:http://balanceproductions.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=56

During the first week in August WE (you) will choose a winner. HOW? That week I will throw up a post asking everyone to vote which video clip they feel is the best. After a week of voting (to give everyone a chance to vote), you can all count the votes and come up with an undisputed winner. I’m sure we will come up with some interesting vids.

Please let us know if you don’t want your video featured at www.justonewheel.com

After the winner is chosen we can just keep the thread rolling for entertainment purposes. Anyone that posts a short wild and crazy vid will receive a $10 discount towards the purchase of “Inner Balance”.

To purchase the “Inner Balance” DVD,
Sales within the US please visit www.justonewheel.com
Sales outside the US visit www.canadianunicycling.com

I’ll start the competition off with my video:
You can view it on the front page at www.justonewheel.com (I’m not eligible).



Street is Flatland BMX?

hmm… Crazy tricks? or crazy personality on a wheel?

i’ll have some vid sometime, maybe of me and my drummer playing a song while on one wheel.

Level 11

Not me but my sister. I was on the ride too but I don’t have any decent footage.

naked bike ride shenanigans contains abundant levels of nekkid

sounds like a good idea, hopefully we will get lots of crazy clips:D

It’s cool, though not surprising, that if there’s anything that will make naked bicycle riders stare, it’s a naked unicyclist. Very enjoyable video.


I guess this means my sex-tape is eligible!!

My friends sister. Her hair is crazy.

It can be anything you want, but done on a unicycle. Were looking for the clip to have the WOW effect when viewed.

Next year we’re doing Snowdon naked.
Norry, get your camera ready.
Steve, no falling off this time.

I can’t wait for the summit photo.

Every day I ride, someone remarks “That’s crazy!”… even when I’m just riding down the sidewalk.

You’re going to have to be a little more specific in your query.

It look cold… no one had any decent footage :slight_smile:

Would it be inappropriate to point out the collar and cuffs don’t match? :smiley:

STM - remembering another naked London unicycing woman on youtube, but can’t find the clip right now

That reminds me.
I forgot to mention the one and only rule. Please keep it clean.

Damn your eyes Freud.

Too bad I didn’t get that crank grab I did on the wall beside Niagara Falls on film. (yes, I really did do that)

woot ten dollars off a DVD rejoice!

Non-riders view everything involving a unicycle to be wild and crazy. This clip should impress unicyclists (like yourself and all of us at unicyclist.com), not the average person (non-rider). It should be something that would make YOU say WOW, he really did that.

A few examples:
-Riding down the center divider of the Long Island Expressway on a Coker during rush hour.
-Hopping from one car roof to another while both cars are moving.
-riding a Coker against the packed sidewalks of Time Square without killing your

  • Those are just a few examples. Remember, as long as you feel it’s wild and crazy others might to. The Sky is the limit. Reach for it.
    -The clip can be as simple as riding across Yankee Stadium during a game (and leaving while still breathing).

I hope this was helpful?

Hmmm, too bad I stopped making videos! After 114, I needed a break and really needed to get back to work! But I have a heck of a crazy idea. Oh well, It’ll just have to wait. Have fun and good luck everybody!:smiley:

I would be careful not to encourage really dangerous, possibly life threatening antics like that on a unicycle or otherwise!; some people and/or younger riders might be influenced to try something like that and really get hurt. BE CAREFUL, use common sense and wear appropriate protection.