whats the most weight youve carried while uniing?

i have carried a full schoolbag, my MUni, and a drink at once while riding my coker. any other personal bests?

I’ve carried a 2.3m, 7’6" swordfish on my back. It wasn’t too hard though, as it was beanbag-like in construction, and only weighed about 6kg. It was only six weeks after first learning the thing, so I was surprised how easy it was to carry stuff without affecting balance too much. Other than that the most I’ve had is a full back pack (~5kg) and a rolled up sleeping bag under one arm. I’m still trying to find someone who will let me try putting them on my shoulders. :slight_smile:

  • Sam

I once carried a 8X4 foot piece of plywood about a half mile from a dumpster on campus to my house. It was heavy, but it was the cumbersomeness that made it difficult. I had to balance it on my head (while holding it, of course, and with the flat part parallel with the ground) because when I tried to hold it any other way it would catch the wind and knock me off. It was a lot of fun.

I’ve always kinda thought it would make a good game at a uni competition, to see who could carry the heaviest, most awkward object a certain distance. Maybe this has already been done, I’m not sure.

That would be a cool competition. It would be hard to judge the awkwardness of an object, and weight is rather relative to the size of the rider, but it should be workable.

I guess you were carrying this plywood for fun, rather than to make the journey easier, if you only went half a mile with it. But then it’s quite understandable. Most things should be tried ‘just because it might be possible’ :slight_smile:

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i carried my not so little brother on my back

I wanted to carry my little sister on my shoulders. Only problem was that she didn’t want to be carried on a unicycle. She rides too, but she thinks I might drop her. Well I forced her on my shoulders, but she start to swing around so I couldn’t get on the uni because I was afraid I’d hurt my self if I UPD’d :roll_eyes: . I’ll have to do it another time.

a full 75 litre rucksack (to the brim) not with particularly light stuff either. and a football in one hand, a carry mat and sleeping bag in the other (wouldnt fit in the rucksack) :roll_eyes:

dunno how much it weighed, but it was heavy, struggled to get it onto my back.

also did a similar one, with a rucksack a little fuller, with things like sleeping bag attached to it, and while carrying two portable chairs. didnt ride that one for long tho, and idling for a photograph was very difficult.

I carried a car battery for about a km It was hellish work for the forearms and a bit tough on the knees when I UPD’d.

This thread reminds me: I haven’t yet tried it out (which I should probably do, as it’s the best way to test for myself), but could anyone offer advice on how much it’s advisable to carry for a couple of days’ riding? I’m planning to do a sponsored ride to raise money for a charity to do my gap year travels, with Bath to London and back being a likely target of about 200 miles (Land’s End to John O’Groats (860 miles) is sooo tempting, but I don’t know if I can organise something that long yet). At ~8mph average on my 24 (I have no big long distance uni, unless unicycle.com want to be my official equipment sponsor and give me a 28"? :slight_smile: ) I reckon I can do the trip in about 3/4 days. I haven’t thought it through fully yet, but I don’t think I’d camp with a tent and everything, and if living fairly rough for a few days I wouldn’t really need to lug a lot of stuff. A normal backpack should suffice. Some people who do long rides with Cokers and air seats and everything - you call that an adventure? Can’t go making it too easy for yourself. :wink: The pointfullness of this post has evaporated a little as I rambled to myself, but as I’ve typed it I may as well send it.

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I’ve carried people weighing 145 pounds or more on my shoulders on my 24", and a 115 pound female cheerleader on my shoulders on the giraffe. Before someone mentions how dangerous this is, we also had 4 large male cheerleaders spotting us.


Here’s the real challange. What is the most ackward thing you have carried while freemounting a giraffe? I tried to do this a couple times with a loaded duffle bag. I found it absolutely impossible.

i’ve ridden with a 14’ long piece of 8"x8" wood on one of my shoulders. very very heavy.

just yesterday i rode with a backpack with 15 cranks in it, all my stuff for a weekend, and lots of tools, and 1 litre of water, and some juice, and a duffle bag. I can thank Jeff for the cranks. My bag was probably around 40lbs.


Food shopping (easier with 2 bags thatn one) is a classic, just for the looks on people’s faces. if they only realised how practical it is.
Ridden between birmingham snow hill and new street stations with a 45L rucksack with tent, sleeping bag and carry mat strapped to it. With Phil and Joe M, who were doing the same. That was fun.


P.S. just tied 3’ stilts. Woohoo! Great fun. OT but I had to say it, sorry.

I have ridden 47 thousand miles carrying a 20 gallon Ming vase full of lead on my head while juggling 15 cannon balls in my left hand & doing my tax return with the other.

The tax return was heavy.

//\ :slight_smile:

Lemme guess… Backups for all youur broken profile cranks?

My best was in awkwardness was carrying a radial arm drill press up a hill to my house from the flea market. THat werighed about 50lbs. I’ve also carried my cousin, who weighs about 80lbs.

I once rode a 24" Savage with a broken pedal from Gary, Indiana to Topeka, Kansas while balancing a Volkswagen on my chin. I was concurrently towing an 18 wheeler loaded with appliances for an apartment building in Topeka. I was using 20 pound test fishing line as the tow rope so I had to be very careful. The Volkswagen was just to make it a little challenging. I picked up several hitch hikers on the way and sang Jimi Hendrix songs with them…in Greek.

Way to go. Wish I was as good rider as you. :roll_eyes:

20 years ago I carried a 170 lb college buddy on my shoulders while riding a 28 spoke Schwinn 24. Now I don’t do shoulder rides for much more than my 60 lb boy.

Don’t even ask how many times we’ve had to carry Harper out of the woods.

yo nick i think ive carried you on my hip before while uning. you weigh what…150lbs? thats pretty good. next we practice balancing you on my chin

Weight is one factor, but multiple objects at different weights can be more difficult at lesser weights.

For instance, tonight I carried a bundle of firewood (appox. 8 pcs.) and a six-pack of beer. That was harder than carrying a heavier object.