Whats the Longest Rail Grinded?

Whats the biggest rail anyone has ever grinded?
If u know how many feet put it and if u know how many stairs put that too…

the guiness world record in 2.5m.

i know people have done much much longer than that though.

well mike clark did that 16 set which was pretty huge.

In the “best of shaun johanneson vid” he attempts a 22 stair I think, but he falls.

dang…thats big…

That’s what she said.

That’s what your MOM said!

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The vid is only 18 stairs, but yeah suicide no matter what. Mike Clark’s 16 is big, but his pop off early makes for a short grind length wise. Alex Tomsey busted 2.5m, but it’s a joke. 8.2 something feet. (Not a joke for length good set, but why measure, it doesn’t really matter) The 11 set that I grabbed my wheel on in the 2nd to the last shot of the best of vid had to be close to 3 meters of a slide. Not sure on that though.

-Shaun Johanneson

i believe alex’s motive for making it an official record is 1: so he gets the medal thing and 2: so that people will see that there is actually a record for doing things on a uni and it will raise awareness among the public that people ride nis etc. if you just go and do stuff and only tell unicyclists then people will not hear about it and if they dont hear about it how can they become interested… and if it is a really big grind for you then why not measure it to see if it is the longest you have done? like ryan atkins measures how high he hops…

so i hope that answeres your question of why measure, it doesnt really matter… it does matter

and no i do not agree with what you said reguarding alex bit lame and a bit of a joke really…


Measuring is a bit vain. Now, rails aren’t that hard, anyone with the right rail could go for over 4 meters. It’s become what you can do on the rails that’s good, not how long you slide them. After a certain length it’s just more fear, not any more skill. (alittle more luck is added on the slickness of the rail.)

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I don’t need to measure the slide, if it looks good i’m taking it, if it’s sketchy and i’m confident, i’ll do it again.

Was the 11 set that red rail?

do you think a 32 set hand rail would be possible because there is this 32 set in my town and my friend wants to try it…it doesn’t look too steep…and it is pretty long…but i believe it is grindable…

Ok then hit it and call guiness :wink:

32 is huuuge man! i wanna see the vid if you do it. :wink:

yeah, if you try it, film it. either way it’ll be awesome

       thats what she said ;) :D

Yeah I think a bigger set of stairs is better even if the length isn’t as long.


we need a digi camera first…and i think he wants to get better at grinding hand rails before he tries it,cause its a huge set…

is it a round or a square?

i believe the longest rail ever done was like a 60 stair or something. this is on a bmx bike of course. but this rail was huge it was like a 6 kink rail it was huge i believe it was in a props video i have it somewhere i just cant find it.

but any rail on a uni is crazy.