What's the greatest uni stunt?

Tom Nakashima asked -

> What’s the greatest stunt you’ve ever seen on a unicycle?

A few come to mind:

  • Some Chinese acrobats have ridden giraffe unicycles on rolling globes. I
    believe the globes were on a track which kept them moving only forward and
    back, but this doesn’t take away from the effect, in my opinion.

  • I’ve seen pictures of a few circus performers who were able to ride ultimate
    wheels with their hands, while on a tight or slack wire.

  • After a trip to the former Soviet Union, John Foss told me of a teenager who
    would ride an ultimate wheel, and then leap to another one which he had
    rolled on the floor. I understand there are a number of performers doing this
    trick now.

  • In my personal experience (i.e.: Seen it with my own eyes) I would list the
    collective accomplishments of people like John Foss, Sem & Teresa Abrahams,
    Jose Ramone, Josue Barreto, Peter Rosendahl, and Kato as the darndest things
    I’ve ever seen.

I was fortunate to work with John Foss for several years, and his repertoire
never ceased to amaze me. At the 1988 Unicon in Puerto Rico, all of the people
I’ve listed above put on amazing performances, which also included some expert

Let’s hear some stories from other folks. I’ve been out of the active unicycle
world for some time, so there must be a lot of great stunts I’ve missed.


Jason Catan The National Circus Project

What is the greatest stunt that you’ve seen on a unicycle?

I once saw a gal ride a uni up an esculator.

                                        -tom nakashima

Re: What’s the greatest uni s…

My friend told me he saw someone bungee jump on a unicycle!