Whats the farthest you have ridden?

in one straight shot without taking breaks or falling.

me: 3.5 miles.

I once rode all the way over to the search function and entered the search key “longest” and asked for titles only.

I did around 30km on my coker without taking any breaks. It was pretty cool:)

64 kilometers, on my 20":stuck_out_tongue:

22.5 miles on a 700c x 23mm tyre and 114mm cranks in 2:15.

In a single ride? 50+ miles coker, 20 miles (mostly technical and steep) MUni. :slight_smile:

Farthest I’ve ridden is probably about a mile and a half, on my trials.

I’m having a hard time believing you rode 20 miles tech muni without dismount.
Maybe you misunderstood the question?

I rode 32 miles on the 36er without dismount. 2hrs 39min.

Well, depending on definitions of “tech” and “Muni” it is pretty common for me to ride my KH24 as hard as I can over difficult terrain for several miles at a time without either a UPD or a deliberate dismount, and I’m a 46 year old past-it office worker who only gets to ride for an hour or so at a time.

I have no doubt that the original “20 miles in one go” is possible for the person who posted it.

Be very careful whom you call a liar.

Ok, I really only read your thread title, which didn’t specify dismounts or whatever. I can’t answer the question accurately since I’ve never measured the mileage for riding without a dismount or taking breaks. If I had to guess I’d say maybe 20 miles coker, and 8-10 miles Muni.

I assumed Terry misunderstood the question, not that he was lying. I am always very impressed with his muni skills as depicted in his many awesome vids. I just also realize more than likely what he means by technical muni, and by the time he reaches 20 miles he would have more than likely tried something awesome, probably multiple times, theres usually some fail in that sort of riding.:wink:

26 miles, 385 yards plus a bit. That was the Marathon race at Unicon last summer. At around the 20-mile mark my brain was saying ‘you can finish this without stopping’ while my crotch was saying ‘don’t you dare!’ It was very painful toward the end. I’m sure if I worked on methods to enhance crotch circulation while riding I could get by that, but it all seems to be stuff you wouldn’t want to do in a race. In my age group, I was only bested by Steve Colligan, the guy who later rode through the Himalayas. I’m happy with that result, though I hope to surpass it at this coming Unicon…

My longest distance in a day: 72 miles around Lake Tahoe, all at 6300’ or above, with over 2000’ of climbing throughout the ride.

Both rides were on ungeared Cokers.

Before that, way before, I did a 75 km charity ride for the March of Dimes in 1980. This was on a Schwinn Giraffe (6’), geared up to nearly 2:1. We were the first to start the ride, and I was the last to finish. :slight_smile:

60 miles

I did a 60 mile ride this summer with no stops or breaks. Then after a break I went back out and finished another 50 that day.

My longest one day ride this year was for 156 miles.

No gears were abused.

Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

12 miles on coker before crotch says “gimme a break”. Think I need to invest in an air saddle.

50km on a 36" in 2hours 43min

35km on a KH20

oh just remembered I’ve done 20Km on my 20, But my mate bets me by doing 54km on his 20

37 millimeters :wink:

Snap! My (and Roger’s) longest day-ride this year was also 156 miles. Did you just do it for fun? You’re a machine :slight_smile:

My longest ever non-stop was 169.9km (105.6 miles) during my 24 hour record ride on 29 Sept 2007 - so around a 400m track in laps. Duration: 8:01’58"

I had aerobars with elbow-rests which helps a lot with saddle soreness as I could get my weight better distributed between fore and aft.