Whats the difference

I have been looking at unicycles at Unicycle.com. I have been looking for the most part at the following unicycles




Is there really any difference between these unicycles? Or is it just looks? Is it worth it to pay more for the more expensive ones?

On the whole, you get what you pay for. I don’t do trials, but I do know that my KH Muni was a revelation compared to my much cheaper Pashley Muni.

However, after a certain point, the differences in quality and performance become less noticeable. How much is the fancy paint worth to you?

They all look like decent unis to me. They all have ISIS cranks and decent wheels.

Fancy paint is worth next to nothing for me. I think I might just get the cheaper one.

Another question: What kind of uni is right for me? I want to do the fancy stuff :D. 180s and all crankwhatevers and all that. I will learn the proper terms when the time comes to use them. Anyway, what kind of unicycle should I get?

The two more expensive ones come with KH cranks which are a lot stronger and better for trials

The red one in the middle looks best

Ok I’ll have to think about it then.

How much would the cranks cost to buy?

I’m sure you can look it up on UDC Canada.