Whats the difference between Oracle and?

I was looking at buying a 27.5 or 29 muni. I have a 24 and a 20 already so I want something a little faster. I was looking at UDC and the specs on the Oracle vs the standard Muni are pretty close. Minus the brake, frame, larger tire and almost double the price what are the differences. I am building a new frame anyway so it doesnt matter to me. I can add a brake later on with sprit cranks.

Ok differences as I essentially have one of each of these (by virtue of parts swaps).

The Oracle frame can take a slightly larger tyre than the muni/road 29. While both will take a 29x2.5, if fitting a 29x3 you would be better served with an Oracle frame. The oracle frame is significantly lighter and more resistant to corrosion.

You forgot the hub. The muni uses a simple welded steel hub whereas the Oracle uses a mixed steel/aluminium hub with disk mountings. While you can now buy a steel disk hub, building a wheel is not for the faint hearted, especially when it is dished for a disk hub.

When mounting the brake you will need a d’brake adaptor. If you are using spirits this should be pretty simple but you will need to check the brake review thread especially if you are mounting outboard brakes in order to choose the right callipers. I would still argue the TRP Spyre or Spyke are about the best mechanical brakes you can get. It may also help to use washers or an adapter ring (the expensive way) to move your rotor away from the crank arm.

When mounting an external disk be very careful about the design of the rotor. This is because your trousers will be very close to it. If the rotor has sharp angles, it can catch and cause a UPD. With some rotors, you have to either roll up or use cycle clips to keep your trousers away. There is another thread on this site somewhere which can show you graphically why buzzsaw shaped rotors are not a good idea on a unicycle. With an internal disk, you should still be a bit careful about ultra loose trousers.

TL;DR the Oracle uses a different hub and frame and has additionally, a d’brake mount, saddle lever mount and all the bits of a brake system.

The new Oracle frame doesn’t require a d’brake. Not sure if UDC in the US is selling the new or old frame.