Whats the chance of breakage??

I would like to buy a new trials uni as yall already know. I am thinking about profiles. But the lifetime warrenty only covers the black part on the hub+ the cranks. What is the chance that the actually hub (the silver part) would break? Because i talked to the people at unicycle.com and they said this isn’t covered. Thanks.

Here is the pic,( I hope ) of the silver part that im talking about.

The problem with the Profiles is keyway slop. There is a single slot (keyway) cut in the aluminum part of the hub. That keyway can deform and then you get keyway slop. The aluminum hub body isn’t going to break, but it can develop keyway slop.

I wouldn’t get too excited about the lifetime warranty. You pay for that warranty up front with a higher purchase cost. it isn’t free.

If you are 100% sure that you are going to be bending cranks then get the Profiles. You’ll be making use of the warranty and eventually get your money’s worth.

Otherwise get the KH/Onza. It’s cheaper. If you happen to ever bend or break a crank you buy a new crank out of pocket, but new cranks are not that expensive. Even if you do end up breaking a crank you’ll end up spending less than the cost of a Profile setup. The KH/Onza + an extra set of cranks is less than the cost of a Profile setup.

Sweet thats pretty much what i needed to here.

Here is some pics of what i broke on my other uni. What is the chance of it happening on a KH 05 model?

My other uni was a sun 20" lol.


oops here it is

You’re not going to snap an axle (hub) with any of the splined crank designs. Some people have manage to bend the axle on the older KH hubs and DM splined hubs.

The splined axles are larger in diameter than the standard square tapered hubs. Larger diameter makes them stronger. They are quite a bit stronger than the standard hub that you managed to break.

Hey I have a sun just like that hahaha.

So is keyway slop not covered by the warranty then? My hub is developing this problem. I guess I can get a friend to shim it easily enough.


Profile has fixed hubs suffering keyway slop as a warranty repair. The problem is unbuilding your wheel and then shipping the hub to them for the repair. The warranty repair doesn’t include shipping costs so warranty replacements or fixes aren’t completely free (unless you happen to live near St. Petersburg, Florida and hand deliver the broken part).