whats the biggest?

whats the biggest half pipe/quarter pipe someone has dropped in on…and was it like melow and not very step…or was it pretty steep…because I am wanting to try like a 6 footer and it is almost straight up and down…but I was just wondering if its been done.

i have droped in on like an 8 footer and i think there is a video of tomsey trying a 12

I am considering doing a vert, every time i go to the skate park i consider it and i am going o one that has a very small vert compared to this one so maybe ill try that,

I think the biggest Ive done is maybe 8 foot

Tomsey tried a 12 foot vert 3 times and hurt himself (it was for tv)


And broke his crank

i have tomsey’s drop on DVD

A friend of mine has done a 6 foot half pipe and an 8 foot bowl, bascially you don’t want to touch the wall atall for the first four feet or so. I wouldn’t bother, it’s not all that impressive and a bit of an anti-climax even when you do land it. Unless you wre doing a 12 foot of course

vid of tomsey?

I’ve done about a five or six foot quarter pipe…Tomsey tried a 12 footer but bent his crank arm on it.

I agree.