What's the biggest unicycle size i can have?

Ive been unicycling for a few months an I want to move on and get a better unicycle at the moment I have a 20 inch wheel but I am look at a 29 inch. I am 12 and I’m average hight. What size would be appropriate for me?

The safest assumption for you would be a 29er unless your inseam is outrageously small. Your height doesn’t matter in the slightest - what I want you to do is measure the distance from the ground (while wearing shoes) to the uppermost portion of your crotch. The resulting measure is your inseam.

If you have at least a 29" inseam you could get a 36er with 125mm cranks. If you, for some reason, have no means of measuring or your inseam doesn’t meet that requirement, a 29" would work perfectly fine. Or you can always wait to grow a bit.

do some measurements and make sure, it’s quite a bit of money, and if you want the 36er, you should definitely go for it if you can. My suggestion would be to call uni.com after you measure your inseam as mentioned above. Also keep in mind if you get an Addict saddle, that cuts about an inch and a half off as well. Not to mention you could get uni.com to cut the frame down for you before they ship it out to you. I really think you could get it down to a 26" inseam on the 36er if you wanted.

29" would be a safer bet, but would make the 36er angels cry.

You can also measure your inseam off a unicycle or bike. Adjust it so that your leg is almost fully extended on the downstroke–this is how you should have a bike adjusted. Then take a tape measure and measure the distance from the top of the pedal in the lowest position to the “saddle” of the seat. That is your inseam. Notice that it can change a little bit with thick-soled shoes.

Most unicycles on UDC give suggested inseams for different seat posts and configurations. If you have your inseam measurement the people and unicycle.com can help you.


My hieght

My inseam is 17.5 inches

that is crazy short.

No kidding. With the right adjustments he MIGHT be able to use a 29", but that’s even pushing it.

I suppose they could always mod the pedals.