What's the biggest injury that you incured unicycling (sorry ;)?

It wasnt that bad, it was only 2 pallets i think. Evan laughed at me.

some really bad brusies on my shins from when i was laernig some new mounts. and i took a 6 stair and bounced off of my unicycle and landed on my ass it hurt for a long while ,stopped me from riding for like 3 days!

I think I nearly broke my arm once falling while trying to ride backwards. It hurt for a couple of weeks…

I had an awesome crash once, too. I was riding allong the top of my ruty ol’ wood pile and fell off the board and landed hard. I scraped nearly every limb and both elbows, both wrists, and both knees hit the wood really hard on the bones. (oww…)

After laying there for a minute or so, I realized that somehow my leg had made it between the board I had been riding on (I was now lying on top of it) and its support. That was weird.

I had two pretty bad crashes today. I was practicing my freestyle too! After my juggling club is over i ride in the gym for a little bit. Well, i was practing my pireouttes and got a really good one that was about 2 1/2 revolutions. I tried another and spun off because i wasnt balanced and crashed right into the wall. When i hit the wall i fell off and like flipped on the ground.

The other fall was about 5 minutes later. I was coasting and had a really long one (around 25 feet), at least for me, and i fell backwards unexpectedly and landed straight on my tailbone and back. My hands did stop anyof the inpact so it hurt alot.

these werent my worst. just very unexpected.

One time, riding a 7ft giraffe in some monk’s robes (they come right down over my feet), got into a bit of a UPD, but because I was wearing the robes, got stuck on the giraffe for the pleasant fall down to the ground

mine was the other day trying to hop up 2 pallets slipped out and hit my head on the ground

I don’t even count shin rakes anymore.

I fell off a log 7 feet off the ground. I snagged the right pedal on the log on the way down and lost control of my fall. I landed on something sharp and tore a big hole in my butt cheek. A few hours later, when we were done with the ride, I bled all over Kris Holm’s car seat.

I cut a vein in my left ankle with a pin from a Wellgo B-27 pedal. It was my own pedal, as usual. I wish I could blame that on someone else.

I broke my leg in a freak way when I slipped off a wet curb I had hopped up on a 24" Torker. I rode 3 miles after breaking it to get home. Anything less would be a sissy wimp-out.

I say ankle guards are #1 for trials, wrist guards #1 for everything else.
Elbow pads also very important.

Of course, right now I can’t walk or ride because of an injury in my knee from just to much unicycling over a month ago. :frowning:

One time at a party someone was like “WOA, who rides this???” And being the drunken fool i was i hopped on and rode around in the back yard until I clipped the fence and sliced my nipple up. I didn’t have a shirt on either…then everything got kinda confusing and i don’t remember much else. But now i have a gnarly scar on my chest

My worst injury to date is a sprained ankle. I decided it would be cool to go from chin on seat riding into seat drag, and the first time I tried it, I lost my balance, bailed, landed on the side of my foot, and twisted my ankle. I was riding again by the end of the week, though.

I think I may also have sprained the little finger on my right hand doing feet out hand wheel walk.

Re: What’s the biggest injury that you incured unicycling (sorry ;)?

Wore a cricket box for a while when starting out (assume that is
similar) - had a couple of falls where my uni shot out in front then
hit something, stopping suddenly and putting all the pressure straight
through the jewels. Shins have had the worst time of it, missing the
pedals when learning to freemount.

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I’ve sprained my ankle twice, both times doing muni in the dark. One of the times I had to ride out about 3 miles with it, that was not a nice thing at all.

I’ve hit my head several times, doing muni and doing coker muni and once made myself a bit woozy.

I think I probably broke a rib on my coker, the first aid person said it could be a bruised rib or a broken one and that it’d be a waste of time going to the hospital because they’d only say to rest it. Whatever it was that took a month to heal.

Oh and I fell off when riding fast and smacked my knee hard enough to put myself on crutches for 3 weeks.

When I put it all together like that, it sounds like I’m pretty accident prone, although I do ride thousands of miles a year, so I guess it isn’t such a bad crashes per mile average.


My worst injury was when I was riding in light rain (dumb idea) on my freestyle (dumber idea) and I tried to ride up a quarter pipe ramp (stupidest idea in history).

The plan was to ride up the ramp, and then backwards back down, however at the apex of my climb, the wheel decided it would slip incredibly fast on the wet metal, and slam my face, moreso my front teeth, into the metal, requiring six stitches and a new tooth, as the old front tooth cracked right in half up to the root.

I’m having it replaced now.

mine was jsut a few days ago. my foot slipped on a stand up glide and i just did like two ninja rolls and im still feelin’ it in my side. it hrut but there wasnt any blood.

I twisted my ankle falling down a large flight of stairs sideways, my foot folded over as all my weight landed on it. I had some physio but it still took three months to fully heal. Never really done anything major, I’m a careful rider.

For me it would be the one explained here. If you go to page 2 you will see pictures of my leg afterwards.


So far I’ve never broken any bones (knock-knock). One of my worst crashes was when running down the street pushing my 6’ in front of me. The thing started oscillating because I was running really fast. Then the tire started bouncing, then somehow it tripped me and I landed on top of it, from full-speed running. I had scrapes and bruises all over, and I was about 5 miles from home. I eventually got back on and rode home. This was with a 26:48 gear ratio.

More recently (2003 instead of 1981) I was riding Stevens Trail with Aspenmike and Brett Bymaster. I managed to hit a bump and fall on a poison oak plant, grinding into it with my elbow. So the nasty stuff went right into my bloodstream (or wherever it goes) and I had it bad. Not realizing how bad, I waited until the following Friday to see my doctor, who admonished me for waiting so long, and gave me two shots and a bunch of pills. The poison oak was so disgusting, it was dripping all over the place and I even had to cancel one of my only paying shows for the year. I hate poison oak, but it seems to grow along some of the best trails…

I dislocated my left ankle on slick rock trail in Moab which broke my fibula in two places and when my ankle poped out it broke the outside knob off my tibia. I highly recomend ankle supports!

You win. How long ago?

Moab Munifest 2002 friday afternoon Easter weekend it was the last weekend of April. I went for a three or so mile ride on the slickrock trail before meetining up with Rolf at the camp site. I had to be evacuated on a six wheel ATV. And then off to the Moab medical center then Grand Junction for surgury. Jon Sapp drove me to GJ and so we didn’t make it to the Munifest.