Whats the big deal about a round crown frame???

Whats so good about a round crown frame???

They’re curvy and sexy like me! Lol
Really though, the roundcrown design is stronger and lighter, and has no corners to bust your knees on. They’re best used for trials b/c you can’t very easily do any tricks that require one or both feet on the crown.

Well, In my opinion (others may differ), its primarily the frame wanted for trials, so when doing SIF hopping, you wont smash your knees on the corners. Thats hurts a lot. I actually cut some pieces off of my Nimbus II frame to make it a round crown. heres a link to one of my posts with pictures of it. It turned out really nice, and i really like it.

Well, they’re lame, for one thing.

imagine Kaori w/ a roundcrown…
i think its rather stupid to be so caught up in roundcrowns, not to be opposed to them, but they are just a frame to me, don’t mean too much really, if it works for you, cool, if not, oh well.

i don’t see a reason for a “revival” … you don’t save much of anything.
(insert weight weenie comment here)

revival of what?

if your talkign about my REVISED frame, its to make it a roundcrown, i dont care about weight, my uni weighs way more than anythign should.

I’ve hit my shins on my KH maybe one or two times while hopping and my little brother has not reported anything while using his Nimbus II frame. I don’t see what the fuss is about.

I like your frame. It looks like you can still use it for crown tricks. Instead of asking for round crowns to be brought back, why not ask for the those metal nubs to be sheared off or something?

haha. Cause thats a lot of work to get it to where i have it. I even did a really crappy job on my machining of it, i did absolutely NO measuring. It was all by sight.

edit: i would produce the frame if i could, but i have no means of doing so, nor do i have a want. Still i think its a cool design i came up with.

Same here, I think the main reason for me, is just because I like the look and how cheap they are… and I like to be different every now and then. And why are we even arguing? come on, It’s just personal opinion.

Haha we are all unicyclist… we already are as different as they come. but i agree on how cheap and stylin they are. i really like the idea of the nubs of the nimbus and would buy one as long as they wouldnt be as expensive as the KH frame.

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For me, looks, simplicity, in some ways it looks more ‘finished’. I just like riding around and learning to ride over and down obstacles, so the classic look, and the simplicity of a round-crown suits me just fine.

Long live simplicity!

imagine Lance Armstrong w/ a BMX
imagine Tony Hawk w/a longboard

Run what you Brung.

Bruising in this general area…