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How should I store a tire? I have a Duro and a WTB I have taken off and I want to safely store them. Should they sit flat or can I hang them? The Duro has a tube in it, the WBT does not. Thanks

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The absolute safest way is to put them in a large plastic bag to protect them from ozone (especially at high altitudes) and hang the bag. This is, of course, overkill in almost all instances. Hanging a tire from a hook puts a small, but negligible, amount of stress on the bead. Laying it flat uses a lot of space. I hang tires from hooks and think nothing of it. I always bag drive belts at the lab where I work because ozone is a problem there.

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The other thing to protect tires from is sunlight. UV rays break down the “grippiness” over time.

Title: Thanks for the constructive advice Mr. Fuss!


John’s advice was probably the most constructive so far in this thread. Many technical questions from OPs are ignored simply because people who know the answers won’t read a thread with a cryptic title. Why should they bother? What’s the best way to…knead bread, fix a leaky toilet, spay your cat, regrow lost hair? Someone had to open your thread to find out if it was SPAM or a legitimate unicycling related question.

You might find more information on this topic if you search for threads with these titles:

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Tires don’t go bad that fast, a couple years and they should still be doing fine.

See how your LBS stores tires. On a shelf, out of the sun. Why is your case special?

I don’t understand the question “Why is your case special?” It is not special, I just didn’t know the best way to store a tire, never having had a spare before. I guess I should have just called a local bike shop. They probably would have just answered the question.

Just don’t call the one where maestro8 works or you’ll get to hear the smart-ass remarks in person.


You’re the first woman I’ve heard of who has never had a spare tyre.:stuck_out_tongue:
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