Whats the best way to get up without holding on to anything?

Just like the subject says:
Whats the best way to get up on a regular ol’ 24 inch unicycle without holding on to anything?

Is there a video on youtube or somewhere that y’all can point me to?


If your not holding on to anything then you will be “free mounting.” If you type that phrase into “Search” here on this web site you will probably come up with many video’s and ideas.

Hawo friend. :smiley:

You might want to learn this as i think it may answer your question. :smiley:

Thanks guys! This helps a lot!


My friend and I put the pedal on our dominant side 45 degrees back towards us and think of getting onto the unicycle as going up a step (like on a staircase). It’s worked for teaching 3 of our friends how to do it.

You took a picture and wrote four sentences about it. Call that a tutorial? That’s barely a postcard.

How’s a n00b gonna learn to freemount after looking at a postcard?

Yeah if for some reason you can’t get it, try taking it indoors on carpet. For some reason I couldn’t get it outside but I got it really fast on carpet. Maybe just helped me not being scared to eat it on concrete idk.

Hey that carbet idea worked out great…and so did thinking it of stepping on a stair.

Thanks 4 the great advice y’all!


lol +1

+1 for the carpet. I’m getting about 10%- 20% of those now.

I’m also practicing with a piece of 2x4 blocking the wheel. I’m landing 30%-40% of those, but that’s on concrete section of the basement. I’m going to try it with the 2x4 on the carpet next.