Whats the best trials unicycle i can get???

hey im looking for a new trials unicycle and i cant decide so im wondering what is the best possible trials unicycle i can get ??? but it has to be $600 or under and has to be light waight and very strong.

Kh 20 …

yes the KH 20 is strong light and under $600

Hold on. You ask for the best trials unicycle, then say it has to be under $600.

What do you want: The best trials unicycle, a trials unicycle for under $600, or the best trials unicycle that is under $600?
All very different things.

no the Torker 09 is king

ps: if your new here this is a joke don’t go and buy a Torker to ride trials with

ya the torker is good (i have one) so im getting the kh20 thanks everone