What's the best method of converting unicycling photos to files?

I’m currently working on a new publication for the IUF. Inc., “Unicycling
International”. I’m hoping to find a process by which photos can be converted to
files, with the same quality as making halftones from the photos and manually
pasting them into an issue.

This way the source files of an issue of “Unicycling International” can produce
both offset printed copies and electronically distributed copies via Adobe’s
Acrobat format. (Adobe provides freely distributable Acrobat readers and much
more at http://www.adobe.com/.)

John Foss’ comments about generating halftoned photos for manual inclusion
(pasting) into a paper publication:

>When you get photos halftoned, get them done with an 80 to 100 line screen
>(regular paper) or a 120 or higher line screen (glossy paper). Glossy paper is
>quite a bit more expensive, so you will probably be using regular paper with a
>100 line screen.

I’ve quoted the above just to give you an idea of the quality we would like to
get in our publication. Please note the Acrobat files may contain lower
resolution versions of the photos corresponding to the generally lower
resolution of display devices as compared to laser printers.

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