What's that thing?

One of my housemates has a particularly irritating habit. Well, actually he
has several but only one is of interest here. He makes up for it by coming
along to the uni workshop from time to time. We’ll soon have him racing
around and helping us to beat the LUNIs (could we change the rules so that
whoever falls off most wins?)

This particular habit rears its Barneylike head when he’s watching the
television. He will see something on the screen and announce to the world
what he is seeing. After an evening of this I finally broke when a chicken
appeared on the screen and he said “chicken.” I told him he was like a 3 year
old showing off to the world how many things he can put names to (he’s a

“But what does all this have to do with unicycling?” I hear you ask in
mounting frustration. Well, it made me realise how many people see me and say
“unicycle.” It’s rare enough that it hadn’t really registered before, but it
happens. Watch out for it, I’m sure you’ll notice it soon.

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