What's street riding to you?

Other than boring, painful, and frustrating, haha. What do you think, in just one term, it is? To me it’s Stair Jumping with all sorts of tricks. Now I know there are many other systems, but i’m just curious. Basically, if you’re street what’s your main focus in street. That’s all for this thread. Maybe post something you’ve done or are really proud of, that’s always fun. lol. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

street riding to me is being a freek of human nature on a unicycle, and doing it with oh so much style!

I like to do 180 and 360 down set. And sometimes grinding ledges and little handrail (i would like to go bigger).

oh in one term… JAJAJA !


trying to be skater-ish? I don’t ride street.


Hop twists.

I’m not real into street, though I would like to be, but for me it’s all about sexy drops down stairs, over/down things, etc. If I was better, it would be sexy drops with tricks in them.

In my opinion, street riding is : going out of my building with my uni and riding the streets until i see an urban element that inspire me for a challenging trick to do on it. (“Challenging” refering to my current level).


its riding rails,gaps,drops,stairs,ledges anything you can find in a street with some style so flips howtwists… getting naked…

You like beeing naked right?
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to me, street is about flow, keeping things smooth…


to me, street is about flow, keeping things smooth…

and big hammers ( big tricks)


taking my feet off the pedals.