What's on your mind?

Title says it all (Unicycling related of course…)
I really wanna get out and ride some tryals, but have to wait till Christmas and my upgrade.
So what’s on your mind?

I Wana ride some muddy MUni

I really want to finish my vid… but it will take till end februari I think…
because it gets really fast dark now + I’m at university and I have exams next month… so I have to start learning now :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that, and it makes me sad :frowning: I leave for school in the morning, its dark, when I get home, its dark…

If it’s anything as fast as light, that’s pretty full on.

mucus and skull bone followed by skin, hair, and a helmet.

I want my new unicycle to get here so i can start on my new video :smiley:


I’m waiting to go back home after being at uni for 2 months without my unis. Then I am planning to make one sweeet video.