Whats next?

So now i can ride hop a little. Whats next?

next step: backflip

Try to hop up a curb or hop and twist in the air.

and try to ride backwards and 1-footed, the first of which will serve you guite well in all situtations

if you’re going to get into trials more, work on hopping up and down everything you can find
if you’re going to do muni, work on ridign over anything you can find and hopping too. it helps to go to parks and other places and ride over rocky dirt and stuff when you’re first learning muni stuff, and it’s really fun :smiley:

1 footer. its easy and kinda impressive.

I think you should ;learn unipsin and crank lfips

learn the backwards first. it’s a very useful skill, and will aid you in idling as well. then learn 1 foot (but learn to use both feet, too… not just one.)

your “to learn list”

  1. Seat out riding
  2. one foot riding
    3.backwards riding

Put seat out hopping somewhere in there.

  1. riding backward (pretty hard)/ idle
  2. hop up on stairs/curbs, doing crank/pedal grabs
  3. riding/hopping seat out


Any sites that will instruct me on these?

the site : www.unicycle.2ya.com

are you being serious? and can you do these?

I dont think he will answer to this,because he is banned from the site