Whats next

I know how to ride now what skill should i learn next?


hopping. its really useful. dont do the whole “by the book” way in those “you can ride your unicycle” books. Thats nonsense they say to learn stuff like stomach riding and what not. I say learn the fundamentals after you learn riding. (hopping, idling, backwards, etc.)


well hey i still havent learned backwards but i think you should.:wink:


it depends on what style your into, if you want to do trials, learn to hop, if you want to do freestyle, learn to hop, if you want to do muni, learn to hop, so i’d say the next skill you should learn is hopping…where you stand up off the seat, and hold the seat with one or two hands, and bounce up and down.


Ok should i keep my tire preshere all the way up or lower it for springeyness i know thats not a word

it’s been a while since I learned to hop but I would have the pressure higher for learning because then it would be easier to make corrections.


Sorry i am unisam its just i acedentely made to acounts grhrg

Learning to hop can wait. If you just barely learned to ride, I suggest practicing tight turns. After that, learn hopping and idling concurrently. Hopping is a lot easier, but idling is generally more useful, unless you ride trials.

We can agree to disagree.

I can make tight turns what i meant was i have master turning and rideing and not falling