whats next?

i started riding a few weeks ago and i can ride as far as i want and turn
but as i train i feel i dont know whats the next thing to practice
it will be more than great to get an advice from you all

try some tricks, or riding backwards?

wheelwalking, 1ft wheelwalking, gliding, 180 unispins, small hops, sif riding, backwards, idling, standstills

…thats prob .1% of the things to try.

Learning to hop would be a good idea. Once you can hop there are a lot more tricks that you can learn.

if i want to hop i need to lower my uni sit?

I would first learn to get on the unicycle without holding on to anything and then start to practice idling.


I can tell you that for me the first next skill, was free mount.
It’s just so practical and essential skill for every unicyclist.

Good luck

Yes, lowering your seat will making hopping easier.

I started by learning off of this list: http://www.unicycletoday.com/skill-levels.html

I don’t really intend to learn everything on the list, but it was a good place for me to start and build some skills. Once you’ve had enough, learn whatever interests you (I, for example, will be taking up MUni sometime soon, and I’d like to learn some flatland style riding).