Whats my unicycle worth?

Hello everyone,

I have a Kris Holm Fusion Freeride unicycle (I think 21 inches) which I started learning on but then broke my arm (not from unicycling) and its been collecting dust ever since. I figure it would be of more use to someone else but I’m not sure what its worth. Its been ridden a handful of times and therefore is in great condition.

Any price suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Ive attached a picture in case this helps.

** If possible, I’m looking for quotes in Canadian dollars ($).

First, yup that is a KH freeride saddle, but it’s not a KH unicycle.

Is that a Bedford sticker on the frame?
Is there any markings on the hub? the inside of the cranks?

From what I can see you have a Luna tire on a DX32 rim built around an unknown hub with unknown (possibly steel) cranks, a generic looking steel frame and a circa 2008ish KH Fusion Freeride saddle.

I paid $200 for one pretty similar minus the saddle as my first unicycle back in 2006, it wasn’t worth that much then, and it’s not worth nearly that much now. The Luna/DX32 combo is super old-school and is actually pretty decent but good luck finding another Luna when that one wears out and the DX32 is pretty narrow for modern trials tires.

Long answer short you would do well to sell it for $100, or you can learn to ride it… The weather is getting nice and there are a few people who ride in Regina.

Steel frame with sheet metal bearing housing, cotterless / square taper hub with steel cranks.

The seat is probably worth more than the rest of the uni.

Just ride it!