What's missing for you?

What is one peice of unicycling equipment that this sport is missing?

My wish is a knobby 36" tire

I think we could use grindplates on our cranks. And no I dont care if my cranks get all scratched. Also I would like to see a cheap production airseat and a coker that comes stock with an airfoil rim/KH seat. It would be awesome to see the geared hub for sell. I would like to see another source for long distance handle thingys too.


uni shoes, with flat bottom, and high tops that cover ankles, and of course, flames!!

i think they make a pair of Converse like that, with the flames too

A free Ti trials frame…lol:D

Strong, affordable, adjustable cranks.

On-the-fly shiftable hub.


a 22" wheel.

not 24" not 20" but inbetween that would be sweet :smiley:


…A MUni :frowning:

A strong 16" wheel for trials.


About that 22 inch wheel, i have seen a few time a unicycle with that size. But not much.



good idea i agree!

magnetic pedal and shoes so in the wet weather you can’t slip off your pedals and it would be better than spikey pedals becasue well my signature says it all…

Pardon my vulgarity, but I would love a saddle that doesn’t make my balls fall asleep.

Re: What’s missing for you?

blue lycra one-piece outfits with the unicyclist.com logo on

“blue lycra one-piece outfits with the unicyclist.com logo on”

A Uni-Tard?

A everthing must go sale on unicycle.uk.com everything 1/2 price!

cranks and hubs that don’t bend / break.


a 19x2.5 slick tyre.

and some pedals that were good for grinds without compromising grip. and were soft when they hit your shins.

leg armour you could forget you were wearing.

and if everything was unbreakable too that’d be nice.

The motor!

For those who mentioned it, yes, 22" wheels exist, but are very uncommon in North America. If you live over here it would be easier to just own a 20" and a 24". But then which one to bring? Hmmmm…