What's In Your Bag? Post pictures!

Timbuk2 has a website called What’s In Your Bag, where you post a picture of what you carry in your Timbuk2 bag every day. I thought it might be fun if we post what’s in OUR bags (or what’s on our person) when we go out on unicycle rides. It might be a good opportunity to learn about the various supplies that are carried on one wheel. :slight_smile:

So post what you like to bring with you, describe the type of riding you do with this stuff, and don’t forget pictures!

I’ll start. Normally I like to keep it simple and just bring my phone and GoPro. But on days where I know I’ll be out in the woods for more than a couple of hours, this is what’s in my bag:


I have to ride behind Tom Blackwood and Steve DeKoekkoek.


haha ok, creeper.

I’ve thought about making a thread like this for a while, but I make enough as it is! This is great. It would be good to list what your stuff is too, I can’t tell what some of your things are bri. Also, why were you up at 2am taking pictures of your uni gear?

I ride muni and this is what I bring.

Spoke wrenches
Allen tools
Tire patch kit
Steel core tire levers
Pedal wrench (need a lighter weight one)
Allen tool for crank bolts
Toilet paper (just in case…)
cocai… baby powder… for tire changes
Spare car key with info dog tag.
various granola or energy bars
Tire pump
Depending on the ride I might have a compact windbreaker in there too.

Things I SHOULD have in it:
First aid
spare tube (for long rides)
Better ID, with blood type, etc.

I wish I could ride with a simple pack like harper

uni pack.jpg

Nice thread idea! But currently my back is full of school supplies so I won’t be posting it.

He’s just pulling your leg. Any guy who can pose in a leotard has got to be pretty harmless.

Brilliant!!! I’m going to start bringing some. And I work nights so I usually don’t get to sleep until 3am or later. :slight_smile:
As far as my stuff goes, I bring bike tools, tire levers, spare tube, pump, snacks, sunblock, lots of first aid supplies, my go pro and mounts, my wallet, my phone, my GPS watch in case my phone craps out, my wireless head phones, and a knife. :slight_smile:

I figured. :slight_smile: now, where is this photo of this pose? :slight_smile:

oh also for really long rides I would bring extra watter bottles to refill my camelbak. I drink a LOT of water.

Thanks to this thread I finally updated my pack. I still don’t have a few things I’d like. But I reorganized it, and placed all my low use items into small ziplocks together. I was always worried I would lose my spoke wrenches or other small items and not notice.

Also worth mentioning that I take a large bottle or jug of water in my car with me, and drink from it before and after the ride. Going to also start packing sandwiches to eat on return from longer rides.

That made me LOL. :smiley:

I’d post pics of my bag, but aside from my under the table cocaine runs, it’s pretty uneventful.

Basic quick muni kit as I need a socket to keep those pesky crank nuts tight, those square taper cranks don’t like to stay seated. A spanner to keep those pesky pedal nuts tight. Allen key for seat height, and the all essential android phone for GPS tracking.

Man! For the few things you bring, your pack looks heavy!

Wait, I found an old pic…

You must ride really slow Killian

Depends who’s on my tail.

Would anyone really suspect an innocent, lonesome unicyclist to be a coke smuggler? Probably a good cover…if I were knowledgable in such a field. :slight_smile:

Rub it in.

I’m sooo all alone… <- I will be suprised if anyone get’s the song reference.

But seriously, rub it in.


…I couldn’t resist :smiley:

And for a second there, I thought you were carrying flower to feed the poor village people. For shame.