Whats in the Name: Yuni

I have been thinking about getting the Nimbus II frame for a while and I’m thrilled that they finally decided to bring it over here. But that got me thinking why the name change to Yuni?

Personally I find Nimbus II a much cooler name then Yuni. I mean when you build your monster offroad unicycle you want it to be made of hardcore named parts. I just dont know if Yuni can do it for me now with the girlyname :stuck_out_tongue: yeah right I would still get one if they renamed it the prancing pony.

So if anyone could tell me why the namechange i would like to hear it. Or possibly see Nimbus II make its way over here like some other great products from the UK, like Marmite.

At least the Yuni is chrome instead of a girly color like powder blue or pink. :slight_smile:

I could be wrong but I believe the name Yuni was John Drummond’s decision for the American name for the Nimbus II frame and resulting unicycle.


still doesn’t explain the WHY though :wink:

“i call mine nII”,
John M

How about changing your style?

Imagine this:
Powder blue frame, and perhaps a costum pink and lace seatcover.

You could look sooo cute riding through a flower filled field on a sunny spring morning.

How often do you get to name something? Why should the Drummond’s pass that up? Hell, I didn’t- I couldn’t stand Nimbus II (Harry Who?)- by far prefer Lucifer Fork… what a missed opertunity… could have had a cool Red Devil as the badge…


I asked mister Drummond this very question at UNICON. I think what he was trying to tell me is Taiwan (that mysterious part of Asia where all the unicycle parts factories seem to be) just churns out parts, but they don’t really have names. I don’t know if they just manufacture a bunch of units of “unicycle frame 2002” or what, but coming out of Taiwan - no name.

These frames got to the UK first and Roger picked the name Nimbus II. What John Drummond told me is “that’s Roger’s thing. I don’t want to copy him”. Fair enough, John picked the American name.

Either way, when I talk to unicycle people, I call it Yuni. When I talk to other people, I usually use “Nimbus II”. Its neat when I tell people about quidditch and then I mention that I ride a Nimbus II. They seem to like that.

Hey Nick, I’m going to swing by the Milk Barn for a Teriyaki lunch. Wanna come?

They also put an ugly sticker on each one of them. I had removed the sticker and cleaned off where the old glue was before taking the rest of my unicycle stuff out of the package it came in.

RE: Whats in the Name: Yuni

> So if anyone could tell me why the namechange i
> would like to hear it.

The reason some very similar cycles have different names on each side of the
Atlantic is because the name applies to the cycle as a whole, rather than
just the frame. Since the Nimbus II comes with a different set of components
than the Yuni, they have different names so people don’t order one and then
find out it doesn’t have the same parts as the one they maybe saw at UNICON.

Why don’t they have the same parts? I think that mostly has to do with the
availability and relative price of various components in different

This naming is a little confusing. Because if you say “Nimbus II frame” and
“Yuni frame” you are actually talking about the same part, not counting
finish and stickers. I think that in time, things will settle down with a
greater standardization on part names, with separate names for complete
unicycle models. More of this naming needs to be worked out.

Stay on top,
John Foss
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Well for ages I’ve wondered why the Nimbus was called the Nimbus. As any fule kno, ‘nimbus’ means ‘rain-bearing cloud’ as in nimbus, nimbostratus, cumulonimbus and so on. Not the most inspiring name.

After reading the start of this thread, I checked my handy dictionary which gives the definition, ‘A bright cloud or halo investing a deity or person or thing; the halo of a saint etc.’

Hmmm. So a unicycle which is either a raincloud, or a saint’s halo. Perhaps ‘Yuni’ is a bit let extreme!

You know I think I could go with the Lucifer Fork too. That is a rad name.

After riding Rhysling’s “Lucifer” forked MUni, I decided that would be my next purchase along with the appropriate components. I nominate that the official common name of the frame hereto and hereafter be referred to as the Lucifer. It does have quite a nice ring and that name fits the frame in appearance. No one would mistake which frame you were referring to either. Way to go Rhysling!

But why name a unicycle frame after an early form of smoker’s match?