Whats in a name?

I am in the middle of starting my third unicycle club and need someone with more creative juices to help me with suggestions for a catchy name.

Deerlake Middle School and the mascot is “The Bucks” (as in deer).
Deerlake Middle School = DUC (suggesting ducks, not good)
DMSUC = a mouth-full
BUC= Bucks Unicycle Club (now we are talking)

Other ideas?


Deerlake CUBs (Crazy Unicyclists Bunch) ?:smiley: (or Bundle?)

As the teacher, you should have a plaque on your desk that reads, “The BUC stops here!” :stuck_out_tongue:


you know as in a one horned/antlered buck

but you would have to decorate everything with sparkly rainbows.

The Half a Bike Club

The DMS University?

the UniBucks.

Buck U. Club
Say it outload…

The Unicycling Bucks
The Deerlake Unicyclists

If you have a name you like and it doesn’t make for a good acronym, don’t use the acronym. I keep trying to tell the Unicycling Society of America this, both with their ugly-named convention (NAUCC) and their newsletter (On One Wheel). They call it OOW. Sounds painful.

Great Ideas and thanks!

The club is moving right along. Next week I will give your ideas to the group and see what grabs their attention. Thanks to all of you who have made suggestions. I hope to have the group up and running enough to attend the NAUCC by 2011. See you there!