What's in a color?

How do you go about choosing a color for the uni in your life? Lot’s of bling, medium bling, or bling-less? I just finished rolling spokes for my new 36 wheel, and am getting the urge to also do a color change. Does going loud and electric bring out the clown persuana in the wheel-less? Will it scare the natives? Should one care? Thoughts and opinions more than welcome…

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It’s all about earth tones for me.

Ask your unicycle what it’s favorite color is. Well, okay, most unicycles don’t talk. But after a while, you should have an idea of it’s personality. If I knew a place to powdercoat my uni’s for cheap, my Trials uni would want to be green, and my Coker would want to be red. But alas, my Trials uni remains orange, and my Coker remains chrome…

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hehe, I love that one, get’s 'im every time…

James sometimes your foot avatar looks like a worm.

Heh, I never thought about that, but yes, I think you’re right (:

James Potter wrote:
“If I knew a place to powdercoat my uni’s for cheap…”

James, try “Perfection Powder Coating” in Post Falls, Idaho (telephone 208 765 - 4443 ). They’ll powder-coat your uni for $35.
I understand they offer 500 different colors. The price includes sand-blasting the old finish off.

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Jeez, you got me James. I never saw that one coming. :roll_eyes:

What a lot of people don’t understand is that I’m not scared of shadows. It’s a friggin’ day job…I either see the thing or I don’t. Doesn’t matter to me, it only matters to the coming of spring. And by day job, I mean just that. One day a year. I don’t care if spring comes early or not…I live in a friggin’ heated burrow. Sure I make the call, but I can take or leave the answer. The only time the temperature of my tunnel changes is when it’s time for me to make The Appearance.

February 2nd barely scratches the surface of what I’m capable of. I have 364 days of spare time a year, and some of that could be going to the benefit of this forum. You just gotta ask the questions.

Maybe I’ll start an “Ask Phil” thread, with a guaranteed binary response. That’ll knock that Jean Dixon tramp off her high horse.

Well I’m going for white for my muni frame. I know, it’ll show up all the dirt, mud, scratches, and chips…more character’s always a good thing. Plus white fits in well with the rest of the colour scheme: black KH Fusion seat, black rim and tyre, blue pedals, blue seatpost clamp.


Black and yellow. It’s the best color combination ever.

I just got a new freestyle uni - blue tire, blue seat, blue rim, and a chrome Sem Longneck frame. It definitely has more character than my old black one. I’m pretty tired of black lately.



oooh, thanks, I’ll try that!!

lime green

Here you go again with your fixation.

I shouldn’t be saying this now that I’ve switched to silver and red, but still black and red’s got to be my fav.

a trials uni thats all black with a hot pink frame :roll_eyes: that would be a sick uni.

Purple flick paint …sweet

what kind of car is that?