What's happened to the Try-All Sticky? D:

I looked on unicycle.uk.com today to buy myself a try-all sticky… And it’s gone =’[
What happened to it? No longer made?

I have been wondering the same thing.

I dont know if they will ship to england but renegade still has them

They still available, but not in white anymore… As far I heard, some dealers have them in stock, but the industrial process to make it in white is expensive and takes too long… So if you want a white tyre, you must take a look in European dealers and pray to find one that have them :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at tartybikes.co.uk! They are in england, and have almost all tyre brands… They also received a light version of the Try-All sticky (black) that saves around 200g (It’s weights 888 grams!)!

I think renegade has only black and I don’t know how many he has anymore

It is a shame, I was looking forward to getting a white try-all.
I guess the black will have to do though.

I didnt know you were looking for the white one. Sorry.