Whats good?

Whats i good uni for a mix between trials and MUNI? Is the DX any good for that?

Get a real MUni. You can do both Muni and TRial on that.

ny say would be the quax trials uni very good kinda pricee but if you have a job and live with parents its lie two weeks at buger king

fexnix why do you say that the dx isnt a real muni? It seems fine to me, just a little less sturdy than others.

I don’t think you can get a proper monster truck tyre on the DX, and sturdiness is quite an important quality for a Muni to possess, that’s why.

To answer the original question, I’ve been doing trials and Muni on a 24" for a couple of years, deff. go for 24", because Muni on a 20" is more or less impossible. Any splined 24" will do (KOXX, KH, Onza, Qu-Ax, Profile etc.), just pick the most fancy one you can afford.