Whats going on with yoggi?

Okay so about a week ago my from via skype told me that Yoggi was doing “bad things.” He doesn’t speak that good English and as a result of that I didn’t understand him very well. But he said that because of Yoggi doing these bad things Fabian Mark has left the team and possibly Joe too later on, but idk. So Idk much about but was wondering if anyone else knew about this. Thanks

well i think none of them want the general community to know wats going on. so i think rather than putting more pressure on yoggi by asking him lots of questions, we should all just let it b and wait til any news comes out.

well that was my ‘mum’ moment for the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t understand what your saying either :thinking:

just that my friend told me that something was happening with impact because of yoggi I’ll try to talk to him again but its sorta rare to be on skype at the same time. I just was wondering if you guys knew anything about this! thats all

Why is this in the video forum?

did it by accident :frowning: my bad