what's fattest tire for my Torker?

Hey gang,
I want to put a FAT tire on my 24in Torker.
I bought a single Gazzaloddi tire long ago but realized (sadly :frowning: ) it won’t fit on my Torker frame.

Any suggestions what what tire, brand?
Thanks :slight_smile:

duro 24x3 dh http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/tires-tubes-rim-strips-and-valve-caps/20-24-inch-tires/duro-racing-wildlife-leopard-24-x-3-0-dh-tire.html

maybe not the fattest, but fat

What model of Torker do you have? The CX will probably only fit a 24x1.95, where as a DX will likely fit a 2.5.

Fat Tire

The Arrow Wide Bite is just as fat as the Duro. Both are great tires.


If you have a DX from 2006 to 2009 it will accept a Duro 3" (the gazz was too high for the frame)