whats better ????

I was wondering is a ISIS hub necessary on a 36" and how durable is the night rider frame looks pretty flimsy.

but here are the 36ers I was looking at what would you pick.
nightrider PRO
Nimbus Titan 36
or either one of the corkers The Big One and The Coker V2

and I also had another question what is the biggest differences between a 29" and the 36" besides speed like is it really that much slower or would it be about the same?

thank you all in advance

lol, i wanted to ask exactly the same. I hope someone answers fast since i hope to order a 36" tomorrow ;). Nice post :).

I heard that the wide hubs causes some people to ride with there legs in a weird position. Don’t know if thats true, I don’t have a wide hub coker (or any) coker (yet)