whats better nimbus or qu-ax

i need some help!!
im getting a muni, and im a beginner in mountin unicycling so could i have some views that would point me in the rite direction :slight_smile:

what shall i get

shall i get the 24" nimbus muni -isis 2009 which will mach my 20" nimbus isis trials.


shall i get a Quax 24" Muni

plz help


ive got both a quax and nimbus:)

personally id recommend a quax, iv had mine for over two years now and it works just aswel as it did new. iv taken it places and done some stupid things on it. bomb proof:)

My '06 qu-ax 20" trials is a beast - the entire wheelset is awesome and I really like the stock seat, though it’s a little bigger than some people like. I have broken the seatpost and had to replace it but that’s not that big of a con, since they’re cheap to replace.

same as me:D
how did u break the post?
plus, mines nicknamed the beast

but now i have an koxx xtp:)

I vote for the QUAX i think it is a great Unicycle