Whats better a Torker or a Nimbus normally?

For a freestyle do you think I would be better of with a Torker, Nimbus, or a Yuni?

I have ridden a Torker LX 24" and 26" that belong to a teammate of mine as well as a Torker CX 24" I bought when I first started to uni and then sold off (CX = NO) . I own a nimbus 24" and my lady friend owns a Yuni 26". The torker seems to be a cheaper cycle, but parts (hub, bearings, frame parts, seat) are not compatible with standard U.S. available parts. The Yuni and nimbus are similar, however I like the nimbus gel seat as its a bit softer on yourself than the yuni seat and usually the nimbus comes with a more specialized tire for the purpose than a yuni (Im sure that can be changed on request). I rarely ride the smaller cycles now as I’m hooked on my 36er and a road b*ke since I do distance and not so much freestyle anymore.

the LX is really a good cycle, we just annhilate them by doing street/trials on them

get the new nimbus X. it is great.

I think you should toss a coin and call it. :smiley: :smiley:

definatly the nimbus, it is a great freestyle unicycle for a great price. also the frame design makes one footing really nice cause your foot is away from the tire.:smiley:

you don’t want your foot away from the tire… you want it as close as possible for freestyle.

the frame is great for foot on frame stuff.

well you know, it keeps your foot from rubbing when one footing

so, to be more clear on the nimbus frames, they will help you to more accurately position your foot on the frame for various 1 footed tricks. This is also true with the yuni frames as they are similar/identical.

personally I like the nimbus cycles.