What's a used Monty Trials Wheelset worth?


I might be selling a Monty trials Wheelset with Profile hub, 145mm cranks, and Monty rim, and half worn MOnty tire. One spoke is bent, but could easily be replaced. Even with the bent spoke, it is still pretty true.

It was never ridden very hard. No grinds, but some scratches. I only rode it off a picnic table a few times and that was on grass. MOst drops have been around two feet to 2.5 feet. For the last two years, it has sat in my garage and has been ridden very little.

I was looking for estimates on it’s worth.


i dont know… but can i have dibs?

My guess would be atleast $300 just because of the profiles. Im not sure how much monty stuff goes for but for a wheel like that id probly pay $300-$350