whats a good unicycle?

i got a unicycle for chrismas and i can ride fairly well and love it.
But my seat is buggered and my pedal has cross threaded itself somehow.
anyway i am thinking of get a new unicycle, i am looking for a unicycle that is/has:

24 inch wheel
good for trails
metal pedals
forks that you can rest your feet on for one footed ticks

well if you have any suggestions i would really appreciate it


Nimbus 24"

I agree. Nimbus from UDC is a good option

Consider a Torker DX it has a splined (strong) hub and cranks. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=765

You can also get one on Ebay.

Do you meen trails or trials?

I just picked my self up a kh 24 and I love it so if you whant something that meats all the requirments but a little pricy here you click here

This is the best comprimise between the KH and the Nimbus. It is slined like the Toker, but has a btter tire rim, seat and frame. I’d spend a little more to get this, then you won’t have to replace your uni as quickly when you get better.