whats a good unicycle

so i have been riding for a little bit now on a 24" but i want to go down to a 20" what is a good cheap trials unicycle? help me

I have wondered the same thing and did alot of research. The cheapest descent ones I could find are the cfg devils go on google shopping to find them. They are koxx ones for 160-200 dollars and seem very good

What’s a good unicycle? One that won’t let you down. :stuck_out_tongue:

light, durable, cheap

Pick 2.

Lots of info here. http://www.unicycle.com/

& you can choose the location nearest your country if you decide to purchase from them.

hes right http://makais.com/categories/Sports/Bikes/Unicycles/?sort=bestselling

dont go unicycle.com for beginner trials uni, they cost $300+
the koxx one unis cost $200-$250 for equivalent quality.
ive also seen koxx one trials unis brand new for as low as $160 if you feel like digging around