What's a good unicycle to buy for 14 year old daughter?

I want to buy a unicycle for my 14 year old daughter. What unicycle should
I buy? I found a local bike shop has a 20 inch unicycle called the Savage
Unicycle 20X175 for $99.99. Is that a good brand or should I look for
something else? I live in the Pittsburgh area.


The seat on a Savage is generally considered to be designed after a torture device used during the Inquisition. A 20" Torker with a Viscount seat or a 20" United would probably both be better choices. You can buy either online from

for probably the same $100 or less after shipping.
The folks at unicycle.com are very helpful and they have an outstanding selection. They also have a model called a Jugglebug which, in the 20" size, is a stunning, bright blue. I own one that I am very happy with even though I am too big for it.

P.S. Buy a unicycle for yourself and ride with her. You will thank yourself for it.


I own the very Savage unicycle-in-question, and although it’s stretching it a little, it is acurate to say it’s a toture device. I would definitely go with the Torker with an upgraded seat or the Jugglebug


I just want to chip in here and say that I have not tried the Savage seat, but I have tried the United seat (got it as a temp seat on my Hunter) and I must say … avoid the Hunter seat at all costs! :slight_smile: Ugh!

I have been in Chris’ Viscount and its ok. I have even been on my 1985-era Schwinn for an hour, and I have no idea what kind of seat it is. But avoid the United Seat. Nothing wrong with the United trainer unicycle, but the seat? Yuck!


Can I ugh… meet your 14 year old daughter?