Whats a good tire?

I was looking for some help with choosn’ a good tire to do some trials and downhill with.

I am just gettn into uni and i cant afford to buy two tires/wheels to switch in and out…so i wanted to know if there is a good tire out there to do both on…tred pattern, brand, size, ect…

I have a torker lx 24"…and i think the biggest tire i can get on it is a 24 X 2.5, but im not sure.


If a 2.6 Kenda Kenetics will fit, I dont mind them. They’re decently cheap too.

word …thanks …i was actually lookin at that one.

anyone else have some input?

bump…i just wanted to bump this up so i might have a better chance of gettin some more input on this tire stuff…thanks