Whats a good site to buy tires?

I’m looking for a MEC in particular, and I can’t seem to find any US distributors.:frowning: Thank you for your post and comments.


maxxis.com ?

He said that he particularly wanted the Monty Eagle Claw

Well… now that i know the MEC is that much Ithink I might go with the Try-All. It’s $50 dollars and I’ve heard from most that it is the better of the two. I thought the MEC was 30 or 40 dollars.

Yeah I’ve got a Try-All right now and it’s a really nice tire.

It’s definitely worth it, and only half the price of an Eagle Claw.

You will save tons of money if you order the MEC from Canada.

I may buy one, but I just put my CC back on from riding a try-all cause I didnt feel a difference in the tires. Tested it on rocks, drops, skinnys, street, bounce, and ammount of folding and I just wasnt see or feeling a difference.