whats a good free video editiing program for download

whats a good free video editiing program for download???maybe pirated :stuck_out_tongue:

go on google… type in something like “Adobe Premier pro torrent” or a torrent for anyother software for that matter. Adobe is good though.

I’ve used both adobe and wmm. Its not worth it to risk pirating adobe, wmm is just as good and twice as easy to use.

wmm is terrible and is no comparison to adobe. But torrents and pirates are risky sometimes because of viruses and stuff.

wmm is definetly better than the basic adobe. Adobe is only better if you have the fireworks and after effects edition, without those its nothing special.

Sony Vegas Pro 8 ( Craked )

alright got my utorrent running boys :slight_smile:

What are you downloading? I’d recommend Sony Vegas Pro 8 if you have the time to learn how to use it.

I use premiere pro cs3, and for color grading/keying i use CompositeLab Pro. For special effects i use Visionlab studio i think… i forgot the name of it.

Boy, you crazy.

Though I have after effects (never heard of fireworks) I enver use it, and adobe allows for so much more compared to wmm.

I think you never got past the learning point of adobe.

If you are going to download, just try out everything, seeing how all options are open to you, then see which one works best for you.


if wmm is as good as adobe im the queen of england…

no your not… she’s an old wrinkly lady who owns half a dozen huge homes and is head of state in Canada and Australia too! WMM sucks though… adobe is better just for the fact that you can play thinks backwards, there are better effects and title creators and stuff and it is overall better.

haha i havn’t even been to england. adobe also gives a better quality result

wmm is fine for making 3 min movies for youtube, who really gives a crap if its easy to use and doesn’t freeze your computer.

all but one of my movies were made with it.

WMM is about the worst video editing program out there. Try using Wax. It has tons of features. It’s also free and legal. Jahshaka and Zwei-Stein also have a lot of features, but they are a little tricky to work with.