What's a good 16" unicycle

Looking for a real good unicycle for my daughter for Christmas. I got her one of those red mag wheel models and she’s amazing on it. I don’t see any higher end options for a 16".

I DC has a 16" Hoopley. Just by the looks of it, I would think it is much better than a mag wheel model.


I would recommend the UDC 16" Club. Ours has survived 12 kids learning how to ride. The only maintenance I have done was to replace the front handle when it cracked.

Another option is to look at the 20" trials unicycles at UDC. They are steel framed and I have had good success with cutting the frame down. A die grinder makes it really easy to add the needed relief cut. I did this for my 8 year old at the time. This unicycle is also still going strong.

I’m assuming your in the USA which means that your best options are these or maybe this. The torker is great because it comes in different colors and is cheapest so IMHO it’s the way to go. That being said the hoppley or the club is sure to be good too.

I would recommend the Torkers, all of my kids (5) have learned on Torkers and they make a good uni in my opinion. The original 16" we started with is still going strong and I just picked up another in a 3 uni deal.

no no no do not get a torker cx. the wheel is so thin and flimsy. it will bend in no time. if you get a torker at least pay the extra buck or two and get a lx they are much much better.

The torker lx doesn’t come in 16". Yes the wheel is flimsier but I imagine if it’s for a daughter and it needs to be 16" the rider will be fairly light.

then i suggest a club 16" I have ridden plenty of clubs and so have lots of my friends. they hold up very well.