What's a good $100-200 unicycle for a heavier person?

I’ve been looking into getting a unicycle, since it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. Right now I’m pretty heavy (280lb), and I wanted to get a unicycle that is preferably in the $100-200 range. Anyone have any suggestions on a good unicycle for a heavy guy like me in that range?

It depends on what you will be using it for strictly riding/learning a torker lx should be fine if you are going to be anything other than riding like drops and hopping you should get a dx or nimbis isis though they are slightly above you price range

This is a strong enough unicycle for a heavy guy like you to learn on. It’s also cheap. You can decide if you like it without a big investment.

No dropping

Well I don’t plan on doing any drops. It’s mostly just something for me to do to get exercise like riding around the community and such. Thanks for all the info.

ok definatly go for the torker lx then im ~190 pounds and it has held up great even with some hopping and drops.

i have to add to the chorus of “torker lx for learning”:stuck_out_tongue: . great learner unis!


if you spend that much…you might as well buythis and have a trials for later down the road, in my eyes anyway.

You guys do understand that he said that he doesn’t plan on doing any sorts of drops. He said he just wants it for riding around. I your just going to be riding around I would suggest at least a 24"

yeah, until he gets addicted then needs something to withstand a 250 pound person doing drops. :slight_smile:

the lx seat is not super comfortable. I did a few miles on one today. I would buy the lx to learn on but maybe spend the extra money to upgrade the seat to something a bit more… comfortable.

LX is the way to go

For just riding around the LX is a great choice. If there is the possibility of drops or off road riding in your future, I would extend a little further for the DX. I’m 200lbs and have abused my DX with no problems. Again, the LX is a good unicycle that will take some abuse, an excellent starter.

I also wanted to learn how to unicycle since I was a kid. I finally got the opportunity to do so and have not looked back since. I thought all I wanted to do was to be able to ride, freemount and idle. But once I learned those, other goals started looming overhead - one foot riding, hopping, etc. I have now turned into a muni addict and ride every chance I get. I do not know of another way for me to get any better exercise - well at least none that are near as fun.

I think you will do well to learn on the 24" Torker LX like others have said. However, if you end up doing anything else, you will probably want to get a different unicycle. When you do, you can always use the Torker to lend to friends to get them to learn to ride. BTW, I’m around 210 lbs and have no problems with the 20" Torker LX for normal riding including riding off small curbs, but I use a beefier unicycle for the off road stuff.

Good luck and let us know what you get and how you progress.

Well by then hopefully I’ll be weighing less lol.

just make it into an airseat that what i did and its really comfy now it took like twenty minutes and 5 dollars